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Frequently asked questions

Here are the few questions asked by Parents

Why should I choose AEF?

In Akshaya Educational Foundation (AEF), we focus on each student individually. Depending on the skill levels of the student, we mentor. We at AEF, focus more on basics. Student-Student interaction session under our supervision will fine tune the understanding of the concepts. Instead of assessing monthly once or weekly once, we asses on a day-to-day basis. We believe in parent-student-teacher triangle, where parent, teacher are the vertices of the base and the student at pinnacle. This makes student grow fast in terms of performance.

How to make basics strong?

Ask the student to record the formula or small concepts in a cell phone in his/her own voice. Whenever they travel, go for a walk, etc., they can listen through ear phones. Why only their voice is because on the earth one’s own voice is more musical to them than anybody’s voice. With this the student can become strong in the basics.

Which branch should I choose?

We have branches at Akshaya nagar and Ramamurthy nagar. So, it’s up to you to choose the one that’s comfortable to you and the student.

Can I become a teacher at AEF?

Why not! You are most welcome. Contact us and let us have chat about it.

Do you offer after-school programs?

Of course we do! We continue to encourage the talents of our standards via various events – Art exhibition, Quiz & debate programs, singing competitions and celebrate Ramanujan birthday. Also we welcome you to join meditation programs on every Sunday.

Should I allow children to use technology?

Technology is a boost to this generation. But yes, for a limited time and in a controlled manner.